Institute for International Socio-Economic Studies

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About IISE

Institute for International Socio-Economic Studies (IISE) is an independent think tank of the NEC Group that spearheads the creation of future social values by accumulating knowledge and wisdom from around the world. Propelled by the "insights" we acquire from objectively examining issues from the viewpoints of consumers and society, we envision the future and set out on a course to make it come true. We aim to create new social values and implement them in society as we collaborate with diverse institutions, groups, and opinion leaders around the globe and foster “empathy of the future”.

Business Overview

Thought Leadership

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Economic Security

IISE strives to realize Thought Leadership Initiatives that offer future market strategies by combining basic research, which IISE has nurtured since its inception in 2000, with economic security expertise that foresees sharp future shifts in international affairs.